Monday, January 26, 2009

Logun S-16

There is a little burr on the latch that the cocking handle grabs onto.
I think a little touch-up with a file would make it look good.
The spring isn' exactly rusty, but a few minutes on a buffer and a little white grease couldn't hurt.
The longer bent end of the cocking rod goes forward:

There is no benefit to pulling the rubber plug out of the cocking handle:
This o-ring tore when it caught on one of the many holes in the air tube. Being a 2-stroke
motorcycle guy I'd chamfer them with a round file and put SCUBA grease on the o-rings
to install.
The factory included a bag of o-rings that looks pretty complete. There are only 2 of the
big ones (like the one I tore) but I probably have 2 more. I have hundreds of o-rings on hand
in 4 different sets plus more that are in single bags.
Picture above shows the magazine, fill-probe and bag of o-rings.
I used a tapered punch the swage the end of the probe into shape after a clipped pellet tweaked it.

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