Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Logun Mk2 Professional: An Unsung Workhorse

The Logun Mk2 Professional is one of the best high power PCP, sporting, multi-shot repeater air rifles ever produced, though it never received the praise that other rifles (with more dated designs) did.

The Mk2 offered the holy trinity of match accuracy, excellent trigger, and high power (30 ft lbs in .22), along with an integral quickfill using an FX probe type fitting, an integral pressure gauge, beautiful Gary Cane designed stocks (thumbhole or sporter) with Rosewood accents and clean lines. It also used innovative, durable weather resistant materials, such as a stainless steel barrel and cylinder, a machined alumiumum receiver block, stainless bolt handle, and all stainless fasteners. As far as I know, no other rifle has matched it in design, construction, and value for the dollar. Sadly, the FAC version was discontinued in 2007, though it appears that the design has largely been resurrected in the upcoming Ripley Hog - the first production rifle from the legendary Ripley Rifles of the UK.

Welcome to The Airgun Channel

Welcome to The Airgun Channel. My aim is to provide relevant content, reviews, and information regarding the field of HIGH QUALITY adult airguns - primarily modern, European hunting and match air rifles, with an emphasis on current and historical offerings from companies like: Weihrauch (HW), Feinwerkbau, Air Arms, Logun, FX of Sweden, Ripley, Anschutz, Steyr, Hammerli, Walther, Webley, Beeman, Falcon, etc. Only airguns meeting the highest quality standards will be reviewed and discussed, which sadly leaves out many US manufacturers. However, with the rising strength of European currencies, I anticipate a potential resurgence in high-quality airgun manufacturing in the US.